#Swampskeg at a Crossroads

Date: 10/23/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Airball, Bluegrass, Decaf, Sniff, Pusher, Hi-test, Fieri, Cold Call, Buttermaker, Ice Man, Hose, Lil’ Bit, Cat Daddy, Abraham Conditions: Pefect. About 50, low humidity, no wind Does YHC really deserve the “Angry Preacher” moniker? Isn’t he just a warm fuzzy fur ball that loves the world and everything in […]

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Who Brought the Ankle Weights?

Date: 9/22/18 Q.IC.: Abraham The PAX: Hose, Omaha, Iceman, Cat Daddy, Airball, Bluegrass, Abraham Conditions: Nice, but dewey (which actually mattered) YHC is old enough to remember when Chicago was an up and coming rock band making hits like Saturday in the Park. I wish they were still making hits. I’d commission them to write Saturday in […]

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#Swampskeg Rising

Date: 2/13/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Pusher, Fieri, Mr. Chow, BODA, Decaf, Airball, Buttermaker, IceMan, UGA, CatDaddy, Vega, Abraham After a little push on GroupMe to encourage the PAX to show up in good numbers YHC, a.k.a. The Angry Preacher, was wondering what kind of numbers would post in the gloom this morning. Turns out […]

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We Don’t Get Up for Easy

No we don’t. We don’t get up for easy. Why would we? If we want easy, stay in the bed. That’s easy, comfortable, warm, etc.. It’s all of that and more, but it’s not the placed to get better. Out there, in the gloom, where our brothers will be waiting  –  that’s the place to […]

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