Accelerating #Swampskeg

Date: 5/7/2019

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Sparty, Bluegrass, Hose, Decaf, Fieri, Omaha, Mr. Chow, Iceman, CatDaddy, Hardback (a.k.a. Soft Batch), Flipper, Airball, Vega, Tater, Chainsaw, Altar Boy, Abraham

Conditions: Kinda nice. Low 60s, a little humid, but not bad.

The Q took his life into his own hands this morning. Pulled up to our A.O. knowing what was to come and there stood Mr. Chow – hates running and anyone who says “Let’s mosey.” There stood Vega, who is normally not in a great mood at 5:20 AM, but who really turns sour when the Q says, “Let’s mosey.” There stood some of our other big, beefy PAX, all of whom can run, none of whom want to. They become, let’s say, borderline homicidal, when told to put one foot in front of the other.

Too late to dream up another workout now. So, YHC got out of the truck, welcomed the PAX, did the disclaimer, skipped any and all warm up exercises, and went straight for the jugular. “Let’s mosey,” said the Q.

We ran down Boyce in the direction of Manning High (foreshadowing literary device) and stopped at Southern Lakes Physical Therapy. We did some of the usual warm up stuff here but kept it to a minimum. Manning High is a long way from our A.O. (play ominous music in the background).

Moseyed some more and formed up again in the Sonic driveway. The PAX were introduced to Flying Squirrels, which are quick burpee-like thingys. We did 10 OYO and took off again for Manning High (that jazzy downbeat they used in Law & Order would be good here).

Once there the Q asked Iceman to lead us to the pull-up bars over by the tennis courts. Iceman made the mistake during Saturday’s workout of pointing the pull-up bars out to YHC. On a personal note; I suck at pull ups. I’m terrible at them. I asked one of my sons one time how to get better and he said the obivious, “You just gotta do more.” We don’t do many around here because we don’t have access to pull-up bars anywhere near. So, when Iceman showed them to me, I was all in for some pull-ups. The fact that they were more than a mile from our A.O. YHC considered only a slight annoyance. Pretty sure my beefy brethren considered the annoyance a little more than slight.

Anyway, here’s what we did at the very nice three (3!) sets of pull-up bars.

5 pull-ups

10 Big Boy sit-ups

20 squats

Repeat X 5

Totals: 25 pull-ups, 50 sit-ups, 100 squats.

Next, we went over to the stadium for a Jacob’s Ladder on the stadium steps. It’s a tall stadium. Lots of steps. Nice. This was inspired by Airball’s beatdown on Saturday. Hey, what YHC lacks in creativity he makes up for in cruelty. #angrypreacher

Run to the top – 10 triceps dips

Run to the bottom – 1 lunge (counting right leg only)

Continue the ladder subtracting one dip at the top and adding one lunge at the bottom until done. Nobody got done. Ran out of time. Most were about halfway through the ladder when time was called.

Moseyed back to glory, stopping at Big T for a few more Flying Squirrels



The running made this a hard workout. Some PAX have a motor and can run and run and run and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Decaf, Omaha, Airball, and a few others. Hardback cruises along at a good clip, talking the whole time of course, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Most of the rest of us aren’t like that though. I’m not a natural runner. Not at all! Some of our PAX really, really hate it. So why do it? Because it’s hard! The HIM does not shy away from the hard thing. (Vega – don’t. Don’t say it) We embrace it and, if we don’t conquer it, we at least don’t let it beat us.

Our workout this morning was designed to remind us that we need to keep accelerating as men, leading and fighting for what is good and true. This is important because evil seems to be accelerating these days. There seems to be one horrific act of evil after another. We can hardly keep up. The shootings in Christ Church, New Zealand, the bombings in Sri Lanka, the synagogue shootings in San Diego. Evil is accelerating. The good men must keep accelerating too. But remember, “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). God will prevail.

Bluegrass lead us out with a great prayer. The man can pray.


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