They Complained (well, sorta)

Date: 2/23/2019

Q.IC.: Abraham

The PAX: Iceman, Airball, Cat Daddy, Buttermaker, Bluegrass, Sniff, Abraham

Okay, so maybe somebody dropped #2 son James, a.k.a. Splinter, on his head when he was a baby (and if somebody did it wasn’t me, so how can I be blamed?). No telling why he is the way he is, but he is “pain-oriented.” He loves it. So, when YHC needs ideas about how to inflict pain on the PAX he calls Splinter. So yeah, YHC called the middle son this week seeking Q advice. This is what you got this morning:

The Thang

After the disclaimer the PAX started to circle up. The Q grabbed Buttermaker by his trademark faded Carolina hoodie and said something like, “Not so fast my friend. Let’s mosey.” That’s right, not 800 SSHs just to make Iceman happy. No warm up of any kind, unless you call a slow mosey a warm up, which I do.

On the basketball court

10/4 X 4

10 SSHs/4 burpees, repeat X 4.

So simple a cave man could do it. And oh yeah, when the 6 of us got to the bball court we saw headlights pulling into the parking area back at Glory. Whodat? No one was sure but the best guess was that it was Sniff. “Go get him and catch up, Airball,” ordered the Q. Amazingly Airball obeyed! Wasn’t worried about them catching up. Airball is fast and everybody knows Sniff runs 5 minute miles so . . . all of a sudden they were back.

To the stadium track

20 mountain climbers

20 roll ups

20 merkins

15 roll ups

20 squats

10 roll ups

20 backwards lunges

5 roll ups

run 400 meters

rinse and repeat X 4

Fun was had planking for the 6 after each lap, especially when two of the PAX broke rank and quit planking before the Q said to do so. So the Q imposed a 5 burpee penalty on the entire PAX because of, well, for all sorts of philosophical leadership reasons, but mostly because he just wanted to. This would come back to haunt the Q before the morning was done.

Mumblechatter started to get a little harsh. A mutiny was brewing. Buttermaker was wondering how to hide the body. Gentle Airball turned sarcastic. The Q sensed trouble.

Mosey back to the bball court.

When the PAX arrived the Wardaddy of group was no where in sight. The Q looked down the long road. Nary a sign of the elder statesmen. No one wanted to plank forever so the Q asked Airball to lead us in SSHs. After about 20 or so 4 count SSHs the Q said, “That’s enough. He’s here.” And the Q stopped ding SSHs. Airball did not stop but kept calling cadence. None of the PAX stopped either. Airball pointed this out. “The Q quit early. He owes us 5 burpees.”

You know what? When you’re busted, you’re busted. YHC hit the deck for 5 burpees. What goes around comes around. Good for the goose, good for the gander. No one above the law. All that. Yep, busted. The burpees didn’t feel good but it did feel good to pay the debt and get the rightfully deserved punishment over with.

On the bball court: Shoulder burnout

10 Little baby arm circles, individual count

10 little arm circles, reversed

10 slo mo big arm circles

10 slo mo reversed

20 raise the roof

10 dive bomber merkins, 2 count

Mosey back to glory

10/4 X 4 (you know, the SSH/burpee thing)


W.O.D. Philippians 2:5-11 Read, live it, have the same attitude.


Call it a good workout. The PAX, despite homicidal thoughts, hung in there and got better. Someone said we covered over 3 miles. We did over 700 reps of various exercises. We learned a couple of new things, thanks to or blame on, Splinter. We got through it and, then . . . coffeeteria! Yeah, good food tastes even better after a good workout. And we had 100% attendance too. So, it was a good morning.

Rumor has it that Buttermaker turns 100 on Wednesday. Let’s all (even YHC) be there.























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