#LapDawg – It’s Still a Thang

Date: 1/14/19

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Sniff, Abraham, CatDaddy

Conditions: Chilly but dry. Mid 30s

By now you know the #LapDawg. It’s the run around the block with a weight vest workout, stopping at every corner to do either merkins or LBCs. That’s pretty much it. Thing is, it sucks. It’s hard. Makes you tired. For the rest of the day. (rumor is it also makes you stronger).

When YHC asked on Sunday afrenoon if anyone wanted to do a Monday morning #LapDawg only one lone (and crazy) PAX said he just might. It was Sniff. So, YHC was on the hook. If Sniff said he was coming, then the Q had better be there to meet him.

So, YHC arrived at the A.O. at 5:20. It was deserted. No IceMan with his leaf blower, no Mr. Chow high on his energy supplements, no Fieri laughing loud about Lord knows what. Empty parking lot.

YHC sat in his truck wrestling with integrity and commitment: if nobody shows will he have the discipline to de-truck into the cold gloom and workout alone, or slip back to the house for a hot cup of jo and a warm blanket? He never had to decide because at 5:28 here comes CatDaddy pulling up in that land yatch he drives. Oh well, game on.

But CatDaddy stepped out of his SUV naked! What’s this? You not #LapDawging, CatDaddy? The answer was “No!” (Actually, it was a two word answer; he omitted the first word being on church grounds and all.) CatDaddy had come just to do some naked free range running, which is good. Running is always good. So YHC strapped on a 20 lbs weigh vest and took off around the block while CatDaddy disappeared down the street into the gloom.

At the end of YHCs first lap Sniff suddenly appeared. Sniff is no beauty queen but he was one welcomed sight. Doing the #LapDawg alone is downright discouraging, so the company was more than welcomed. We ran together for a bit, but Sniff is fast so he soon pulled away. In fact, he lapped YHC on the #LapDawg near the end. We ended up running the same number of laps, Sniff carrying 10lbs and YHC 20. But Sniff was A LOT faster.

CatDaddy returned from his prowling about and joined us for a lap then disappeared again. When Sniff and YHC finished the land yatch and CatDaddy we’re both gone. Either there has been a combination pre-dawn carjacking/catnapping in Manning or he just decided he’d had enough and went home. If you see him tell him we enjoyed his brief company.

The official verse of all weight vest workouts was recited:

”Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses lay us lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangles us and run with endurance the race set before us.”

Good workout. Glad we did it.



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