The LapDawg Debuts – and the PAX Hate IT!

Date: 1/8/19

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Pusher, Vega, Iceman, Cold Call, Buttermaker, Cat Daddy, Sniff, Air Ball, Bluegrass, Abraham

Conditions: Perfect. 52, dry, no wind. Perfect.

A new workout was introduced to the men of #swampskeg this morning: The LapDawg. It’s similar to the muthaship in Charlotte, the Bull in Columbia, and the ER in Hickory. It’s a weight vest workout in which the PAX run the same circuit and perform alternating merkins and LBCs at each corner. Unlike all of our other workouts which are primarily you-against-you, this one is competitive. Score is kept which works like this: each lap is worth 30 points plus the amount of weight carried. So, if a man completes 8 laps wearing a 20 lbs weight vest his score is 400 points (30+20 x 8=400 . . . get it?).

After a brief explanation by the Q (which Airball and a few others did not understand at all) we took off. Starting from the corner of Boundry & Boyce the PAX ran to the corner of Boyce & Mill and did 20 merkins. Then it was down to the corner of Mill & Rigby for 20 LBCs. Then over to the corner of Rigby & Boundry for 20 merkins. Finally back to the corner of Boundry & Boyce for 20 LBCs. The PAX continued this circuit but subtracted 1 rep of each exercise on each subsequent lap. So the next lap was 19 reps at each corner, the next 18 at each corner, then 17, and so on.

Clear as mud? Good.

At exactly 6:15 the Q yelled, “TIME!” and the PAX ambled back to the shovel flag. There were curses and vows to do vile things to YHC. A #crowdpleaser it was.

Here are the results. Take a bow Airball, you lanky thang, you won the first ever LapDawg workout.

Airball 9 laps, 20 lbs = 450 pts

Abraham 8.5 laps, 20 lbs = 425 pts

Vega 8 laps, 20 lbs = 400 pts

Sniff 10 laps, 5 lbs = 350 pts

Cat Daddy 7.75 laps, 15 lbs = 348.75 pts

Pusher 11 laps, naked = 330 pts

Ice Man 9.5 laps, naked = 285 pts

Bluegrass 9.25 laps, naked = 277.5 pts

Cold Call 9 laps, naked = 270 pts

Buttermaker 7 laps, naked = 210 pts

Great work men, absolutely great work. According to my watch YHC ran exactly 3 miles. Some of the PAX who ran naked got in a good deal more than that. Everybody got well over 2 miles of running. Plus if you completed, lets say 8 laps, you did 264 merkins & 264 LBCs. That’s worth repeating: 264 merkins & 264 LBCs. Pusher, you speedy little squirt, you ran 11 laps so that means you did 330 merkins & 330 LBCs!

Y’all, that is one heck of a workout you did this morning. Way to go.

Now, what becomes of the LapDawg workout? Good question. Here’s a suggestion: lets do it every week for awhile, say every Monday. It is a great way to gauge of your fitness. Since we’re keeping score you can easily see the progress you’re making. Won’t be long before you’re completing more and more laps. Plus, it’s a total body workout, upper with the merkins, abs with the LBCs, and lower with the running, especially if weighted. That really builds up the legs (and lungs!).

Well, it’s just a suggestion. You’re the PAX. Y’all decide what you want to do with this puppy. But, this is for sure: you put in one heck of a workout today. Proud to know ya’!


Taken from Mr. Coffey’s funeral service, “Be devoted to one another in love.” – Romans 12:10.  What a model of this kind of life Tom & Frank’s dad lived.



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