Wetter & Better

Date: 12/15/18

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: IceMan, Cat Daddy, Bluegrass, Abraham

Conditions: Swampy, 60ish, light rain

YHC tried to pump this one up by sending out a challenging/encouraging Group Me text the day before in hopes of rallying the troops so we could have good attendance.

Well, that didn’t work.

But we had quality. Man, did we have quality. The IceMan cometh. So did the Feline Father & Little Boy Blue-grass. Of course we had the Flesh Anchor as well, YHC. But nothing is perfect, so we took what we had & hit it hard.

First, there was a little pre-run jaunt. Bluey & YHC are getting ready for the P200 so we got 3.5 good miles in before the workout. That ain’t gonna cut it, but it’s a start. Along the way we agreed that we both could run a whole heckuva lot better if we carried less (how should we say?) tonnage. We’re devising a weight loss competition/accountability thingy beginning Jan. 1. Some of you (ahem) should (ahem) join us in this. Watch for details (if your cell phone screen isn’t totally obscured by your multiple double chins). Just sayin’. No offense (offense).

Where was I? Oh yeah, the workout. Here’s what we did:


To quote Ken Griffey, Jr, “Why should I stretch? Does a cheetah stretch before it chases it’s prey?” We didn’t stretch. Heck we didn’t even warm up. After the disclaimer we took off down the much puddled road to the Manning High stadium and track.

(Actually, stretching is important and should be done, just not during a workout. Stretch before arriving and be ready to hit it hard when the workout begins. Them there’s my thoughts anyway.)

On the track.

5 SSH, 25 merkins, 5 SSH, 25 wide arm merkins, 5 SSH, 25 hand release merkins, 5 SSH, 25 Carolina dry docks, 5 SSH

Run 100 yards

5 SSH, 25 sit-ups, 5 SSH, 25 LBCs, 5 SSH, 25 RBCs, 5 SSH, 25 American hammers, 5 SSH

Run 100 yards

5 SSH, 25 squats, 5 SSH, 25 IST, 5 SSH, 25 lunges, 5 SSH, (forgot to do the 4th exercise; doubled up next time around)

Run 100 yards

People’s Choice: 5 SSH, 25 something or ‘nother that Cat Daddy called (can’t remember), 5 SSH, 25 SSH (called by Iceman, big surprise), 5 SSH, 25 Joe Fraziers (YHC), 5 SSH, 25 mountain climbers (Bluegrass), 5 SSH

Run 100 yards

Rinse and repeat.

And, oh yeah, repeat the circuit. We made up for the exercise at the 3rd stop YHC stupidly forgot on the first round. We did 50 Butt Kickers there. At the last stop, the People’s Choice, Cat Daddy called for Dollies, Iceman called for, called, for, uh, something but it wasn’t (shockingly) SSH, that much YHC does remember. Bluegrass called for, maybe Freddie Mercuries?, maybe. Unclear on this. Then YHC said, ” I’ll give you a choice. We can do another round of this stuff, or we can do 25 burpees and we’ll be done.” The PAX chose the 25 burpees.

So, we headed back to glory, and got wetter on the way. When we got back we had done 1000 reps of exercises and run 2.5 miles. Yeah, we bad.

We had 4 minutes left so we went to the shed to finish the time. Cat Daddy opposed this, pointing out (correctly) that YHC had promised we would be done after the burpees. He was absolutely right. YHC ignored him.

Under the shed Ice lead us in some pull ups, YHC had us do dips, Cat Daddy (not pouting, surprisingly) had us do something, so did Bluegrass, and we were (truly) done (finally). (Using parentheses is fun.) (really) (self-effacing parenthetical)


YHC reminded the PAX that the birth stories of Jesus in Luke & Matthew present Christ as Son of God and Son of David. He is both our Lord and King. So, we worship him and obey him. This is how we are to live.

Great morning. We did get wetter, but man, we got better.







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