Wetter & Better

Date: 12/15/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: IceMan, Cat Daddy, Bluegrass, Abraham Conditions: Swampy, 60ish, light rain YHC tried to pump this one up by sending out a challenging/encouraging Group Me text the day before in hopes of rallying the troops so we could have good attendance. Well, that didn’t work. But we had quality. Man, […]

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The Magnificent Seven

Date: 12/1/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Vega, Iceman, Sniff, Bluegrass, Cat Daddy, Airball, Abraham Perfect conditions & a beautiful sunrise (God is such a showoff) greeted the Magnificent Seven who gathered in the gloom despite the fact that they already knew who was Qing the workout and what YHC was planning. But, in the immortal […]

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