Ladders, Suicides, 6 Corners, & a Meth Deal

Date: 11/3/18

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Bluegrass, Hose, Vega, Airball, Abraham

Kotters to . . . (wait for it) . . .  YHC. Yep, been gone for a week getting some work done and it was good to be back. YHC arrived early and ready to get after it. 4 other’s posted too, which means that about 3 dozen PAX fartsacked, or worked, or went out of town, or something another. Anyway, you play the hand you’re dealt right? The hand may not have been quantity, but have mercy, it was quality. The men took whatever was thrown at them and laughed and told stories (instead of 10 counts) at every little break. The workout, which YHC thought was going to be REAL TOUGH, didn’t seem to bother the men at all (this could damage my reputation).

Here, you read it. Was it tough?

The Thang


In the Circle of Pain, a.k.a. The Warm-up, we did the obligatory SSHs, then some High Knees, followed by some Butt Kickers. Enough of that. The blood was pumping so we headed to the shed.


1st Ladder

1 pull-up/25 dips, 2 pull-ups/20 dips, 3 pull-ups/15 dips, 4 pull-ups/10 dips, 5 pull-ups/5 dips

2nd Ladder

1 decline merkin/25 incline merkins, 2 decline merkins/20 inclines . . . you get the picture

Tennis Court Suicides (this is where the meth deal comes in)

On two tennis courts, side by side, there are 10 lines. Did you know that? Makes suicides with exercises very, uh, orderly.

Ab Suicide Round 1

Start by doing 2 LBCs then run to first line and back. 4 LBCs, run to second line and back. 6 LBCs, then to third line and back. See? Add 2 reps per line until done.

The pesky meth dealer showed up during this first round,  at least that’s what some of the more cynical PAX decided he was. Across the road a car pulls up, it’s headlights pointing directly at us. No big deal, right; he’s going to pull away soon, right? Actually, only one headlight bothered us. It was way too bright and the other was dim as could be. The guy never moved. The headlight, the bright one anyway, was right in our eyes when we were doing the LBCs. For some reason, this irritated YHC a lot more than it should have.

“I guess that guy just likes to watch people work out at 6:30 in the morning,” YHC said, naively.

“No,” said the cynical Vega, or Hose, or anybody except the tender young Bluegrass, “He’s just waiting on his meth deal.”

Well, he waited a long time because we did three rounds of these ab suicides with the light in our eyes the whole time.

Ab Suicide Round 2

Same as Round 1 except with RBCs instead of LBCs

(Instead of a 10 Count Hose wanted to tell a story. It was funny. Wish I could remember it.)

Ab Suicide Round 3

Roll ups in this round

Head to the soccer field

6 Corners

Start at the first corner – 10 burpees

Mid field – 15 Star Jumps

Next corner – 20 merkins

Next corner – 25 lunges

Mid field – 30 mountain climbers

Last corner – 35 squats

(Time for a 10 count to catch our breath but Vega, following Hose’s example, told a story instead. It was funny. The punch line was, “even the town prostitute is a virgin.”)

Rinse and repeat. Oh yeah, we did the 6 corners again.

After the 2nd 6 corner circuit, YHC gave the PAX a choice: we can either do 2 more circuits or double the reps for one more circuit. The PAX unanimously chose to double up.

So, instead of reps of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 we did 10 burpees, 20 star jumps, 30 merkins, 40 lunges, 50 mountain climbers, and 60 squats. (yeah, yeah, I know, that’s not exactly double but close enough).

YHC insisted on telling a story. It was funny. The punch line was,”Gave him his dollar back.”


Micah 6:8 is a good one. Look it up. And, it’s in ascending order. Ask Airball. He knows all about it now.


It does not take long being away to really RE-appreciate F3 and the men you meet in the gloom several times during the week. YHC enjoyed this workout enormously, and not because of the workout. It’s the PAX. It’s being in the company of these amazing men, out there in the gloom, trying as hard as they can to accelerate to become what they were created to be come. It’s an inspiration and a challenge.

Good to be back. SYITG,





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