Who Brought the Ankle Weights?

Date: 9/22/18

Q.IC.: Abraham

The PAX: Hose, Omaha, Iceman, Cat Daddy, Airball, Bluegrass, Abraham

Conditions: Nice, but dewey (which actually mattered)

YHC is old enough to remember when Chicago was an up and coming rock band making hits like Saturday in the Park. I wish they were still making hits. I’d commission them to write Saturday in the Swamp(skeg) for us.

Ah, Saturday in the Swamp. YHC really enjoys these workouts. First, we get an extra hour sleep. That one little old hour makes a huge difference, at least for me. Plus, we get a full hour beatdown. You wouldn’t think 15 more minutes would make the workout about twice as tough, but it does. Finally, YHC volunteers to Q a lot more on Saturdays than weekdays.  No one knows why this is, but it is.

So, I like Saturdays. For some reason (maybe because YHC Qs so often???) the men of #swampskeg don’t attend Saturday workouts very well. We hit it hard on Saturdays. Y’all post when you can. You’ll get better.

This morning we got better. And wetter. The temp had changed and it was very pleasant. But the temp change left a heavy dew. We. Got. Soaked. Everybody’s shoes weighed about 20 lbs, which was good. It was like working out with ankle weights on. Here’s what we sloshed through in the gloom:

The Thang

We warmed up with a bunch of reps of the following:




Mountain Climbers

High Knees



(Maybe some other stuff too; can’t remember. Not important. It was just a warmup, for goodness sake.)

Mosey to the picnic shed

Incline merkins

Decline merkins

Step ups (Iceman style – the best quick-footed lawyer of all time)

Then, a crowd pleaser. The Q called for a Pull-up/Tricep Dip ladder.

10 Pull-ups, 1 dip. 9 Pull-ups, 2 dips. 8 Pull-ups, 3 dips, so on until done. There was mumblechatter. There were modifications. There was outright cheating. There was dang near a mutiny. T-claps to the few who actually did the whole thing with correct form (this does not include YHC, who simply can’t do decent pull-ups. Possibly modified a wee bit. Okay, okay . . .  modified a BIG bit).

Mosey to tennis courts

Tennis lines suicides:

Run to first side line and back to fence and do 1 merkin. Run to second line and back to fence for 2 merkins. 3rd line and back, 3 merkins. Continue for 9 suicides and 9 merkins.

Since those went so well, why do them again and work the lower body? So we did.

More tennis court suicdes, same as above, but star jumps instead of merkins. 9 suicides in all, adding an additional star jump with each lap.

Can’t leave out the abs. 9 more tennis court suicides doing LBCs after each one.

Total 45 merkins, 45 star jumps, 45 LBCs and a whole bunch of suicides.

Go grab the flag and mosey to centerfield on the big baseball diamond for a . . . (wait for it) . . .

Spoke workout X 3

Here’s how we Spoked:

Round 1

5 burpees at the flag in centerfield. Run to one corner of outfield, 15 merkins, run back to the flag in center.

5 burpees, run to another corner, 15 wide-arm merkins, run back to center

5 burpees, run to another corner, 15 Diamond merkins, run back to center

5 burpees, run to another corner, 15 hand release merkins, run back to center

5 burpees.

Round 2

Same as above but Ab exercises at each corner with same burpees at center.

15 LBCs, 15 RBCs, 15 Big Boy Sit-ups, 15 Roll-ups

Round 3

Same as above but leg exercises this time, with same amount of burpees at center.

15 squats, 15 lunges, 15 star jumps, 15 jump tucks

Total: 60 merkins, 60 abs, 60 legs, 75 burpees

That dooed it. We were done.


Announcemants – Anybody and everybody interested in the Palmetto 200 CSAUP event next March is invited to Airball’s home tonight for dinner and discussion of the relay. Rumor has it that leg assignments might be made tonight. If you don’t show up you’ll be stuck with whatever Captain Airball decides to stick you with. I’d be there if I were you. HUGE T-claps to Airball and Mrs. Airball for hosting us tonight! Way above the call of duty. Thank you, Airballers.

YHC took the PAX out with a brief lesson from Exodus. Moses climbed a mountain – twice! – at over 80 years old to receive the 10 Commandments??? True HIM.

It was a privilege to lead you studs this morning.



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