Route 66 with Bricks (and a Saturday attendance record)

Date:  7/28/18

Q.I.C. Abraham

The PAX: Bluegrass, Cat Daddy, Fieri, Buttermaker, Sniff, Miley, Tofu, Ice Man, Mr. Chow, Tricycle, Chainsaw, Decaf, Omaha, Airball, Dial Tone, Hose, Hangnail (FNG), Pusher, Abraham

Conditions: Not hot, in the 70s, but have mercy was it humid!

This whole thing was Airball’s fault. First, last Saturady after we had a good pre-run at 5:30, he suggested we could have another pre-run this morning, even though the workout was scheduled to start an hour earlier! Who would do that??? (turns out YHC would – more on that later). Then Airball starts asking for a Route 66 workout on our Group Me account. He wasn’t the Q; what’s he doing asking? Mind your own business, for goodness sake. But turns out, what Airball wants, Airball gets. The man just has authority, kinda like the old E. F Hutton commercials. Buttermaker & Cat Daddy are old enough to remember those: “When E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen . .  .” Well, I hate to admit it, but when Airball speaks, YHC listens. So, a pre-run it was, at 5:00AM no less, followed by (you guessed it) a Route 66 workout. Yep, what Airball wants, Airball gets.

Warm-up (This happened after 7 PAX met for the 3 mile or thereabout pre-run. Omaha ran it in a weight vest! Studly.)

The warm-up was the usual stuff. You know, SSHs but not a gazillion of them. If you want that many post when Ice Man or Vega is Qing. YHC is more tame. SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Peter Pakers, Imperial Strom Troopers, stuff like that. Bottom line, we warmed up because you’re suppose to, you know, warm up.

The Thang

After the warm up, mosey over to Dial Tone’s truck for each PAX to grab two bricks apiece. Not enough bricks? No worries. Hose had some 2.5 lbs weights in his truck, so those who didn’t get bricks got weights from the new Daddy Hose (welcome to the world F.B. Jones III, who will be called Wells!)

When all the PAX had two bricks or weights we lit out on a Route 66 workout. 11 stops with 6 exercises at each stop on a route from J. C. Britton Park, Manning Jr. High, Manning High, and back to the park. Bricks were carried the entire route and used during the exercises. The exercises were Merkins, Lunges, Squats, Mtn. Climbers, LBCs, & (of course) burpees. At the first stop, one rep of each exercise. At the second stop, 2 reps. Third stop, 3 reps. And so until the 11th stop where we did 11 reps.

Total reps = 396

Miles covered = 3.3

Mumblechattered bitching & complaints = infinite



A great morning, if YHC may say so. Gotta admit, Airball had the perfect vision for a challenging morning: nice little pre-run, followed by a tough route workout.

Observations along the way: Our new guys are all in. Tofu, Miley, Chainsaw, Sniff (he’s kinda, sorta new) are tough dudes intent on getting better. They’ll stick.

The FNG is a stud. Hangnail can hang. Y’all see him running up near the front? He’s got “it.” When you got “it” – watch out. He’ll be pushing the Piss Ant soon. Somebody needs to.

Sign that the apocalypse is upon us: Pusher attended a Saturady workout! And coffeeteria. The end must be near. (Hope you can do this more often Pushy; your presence adds a lot.)

Mr. Chow is injured? He  doesn’t act like it. Impressive performance.

Is Fieri ALWAYS in a good mood???

Doesn’t appear Hose lost any fitness during his hiatus from F3. Was he really gone?

Who’s that man on the bicycle? Why, it’s Tricycle on the bicycle. KOTTERS, Trike.

Secretly, deep down inside, Buttermaker loves and respects Omaha. But, you’d never know it.

Cat Daddy has become a runner. He won’t admit it, but it’s true. So has Bluegrass. Bluegrass can do anything, apparently. Athlete.

Thanks, Omaha, for leading the way on the Route 66. How’d you do that after running the same route earlier in a weight vest? (His youth doesn’t account for it all. He’s just flat out awesome.)


YHC quoted Hebrews 12:1-2, the “great cloud of witnesses” passage. They are watching. Don’t let them down. My father is in that cloud; has been since I was 12. Can’t disappoint him. Who is in your cloud? Make them proud.

Great day, gentlemen. It was a honor and privilege to lead you this morning. Thank you.




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