#Swampskeg Rising

Date: 2/13/18

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Pusher, Fieri, Mr. Chow, BODA, Decaf, Airball, Buttermaker, IceMan, UGA, CatDaddy, Vega, Abraham

After a little push on GroupMe to encourage the PAX to show up in good numbers YHC, a.k.a. The Angry Preacher, was wondering what kind of numbers would post in the gloom this morning. Turns out there was a good turn out. #Swampskeg hit double digits again for the first time in a long time. So, with this many posting and expecting a good workout the pressure was on the Q to deliver a big downPAINment. Did he? You be the judge; here’s what we did.

Conditions: Just right – low 50’s and dry with just a light breeze.

The Thang

SSH X 15 in cadence

Mt. Climbers X 12 in cadence

Squats X 8 in cadence

Kettle bells around the C.O.P. (that’s “Circle Of Pain” for those unfamiliar with the lexicon).

One lucky PAX, poor ol’ Iceman, grabbed a 50 lbs kettle bell and did 10 goblet squats. Another PAX did 5 rows on each side with a 20 lbs kettle bell. The rest of the PAX did squats or lunges while this was going on. When the ones with the kettle bells were finished they passed the coupon to the PAX on their right to do the same exercises. This continued until both kettle bells had made it all the way around the C.O.P.. The 50 pounder is now much hated and may never be heard from again.

Mosey to the parking lot behind the courthouse.

Partner Blimps

Burpees X 75 Partner 1 runs to far end of parking lot for 5 star jumps while Partner 2 does burpees, then runs back to his partner and takes over. Flap jack. Same for the following:

Lunges X 100

I.S.T.’s X 125

Merkins X 150

Peter Parkers X 175

Squats X 200

Mosey to the rock pile

Grab a rock and circle up

Curls for Girls X 15 in cadence

Goblet squats (because, you know, we’d only done about 300 squats so far)

Block Jack Webbs – 10 overhead block presses, 1 block merkin, then 9 presses & 2 merkins, 8 presses & 3 merkins, etc. until done. #crowdpleaser. Much mumblechatter from the Big Boys -BODA, Mr. Chow, UGA (YHC almost shouted “Pipe down youngsters!” but these men could be the snot out the Angry Preacher without breaking a sweat, so the Q kept quiet.)

Mosey back to glory (but some PAX flat our ran, led by you-know-who, the speedy little Decaf)


In the Circle of Trust YHC quoted 1 Corinthians 4:7, “What do you have that wasn’t given you?” The answer to this great question in the Bible is nothing. Zero. Zilch. Everything we have is a gift from the Father. Ev. Re. Thing. It’s all a gift. The ability to workout like we do, the ability to earn a living, your wife, your family, and most importantly, your forgiveness before your Maker. Spend time today thinking about this and you’ll be a thankful person. And thankful people are happy people.


Good numbers! 12 PAX crawled out of a warm, comfortable bed at some horrible hour, forced themselves to lace up their smoke boots and drive through the dark to post in the gloom and endure pain at the hands of an Angry Preacher. Why do we do such things? We do this because we don’t, we won’t, get up and do this alone. We get up because we know the PAX are waiting on us, counting on us, to post and help them be better. We will let ourselves down in a heartbeat, but we won’t let Buttermaker down! Or Pusher, or Airball, or Catdaddy, or Vega, or any of those men that need us and whom we need. The 1st F (Fitness) is almost totally dependent on the 2nd F (Fellowship). So to each individual who posted (this includes you Fieri!) the other 11 of us say thank you. We got up, got out there, and got better because you were there.

Good work men,



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