Accelerating #Swampskeg

Date: 5/7/2019 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Sparty, Bluegrass, Hose, Decaf, Fieri, Omaha, Mr. Chow, Iceman, CatDaddy, Hardback (a.k.a. Soft Batch), Flipper, Airball, Vega, Tater, Chainsaw, Altar Boy, Abraham Conditions: Kinda nice. Low 60s, a little humid, but not bad. The Q took his life into his own hands this morning. Pulled up to our A.O. […]

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They Complained (well, sorta)

Date: 2/23/2019 Q.IC.: Abraham The PAX: Iceman, Airball, Cat Daddy, Buttermaker, Bluegrass, Sniff, Abraham Okay, so maybe somebody dropped #2 son James, a.k.a. Splinter, on his head when he was a baby (and if somebody did it wasn’t me, so how can I be blamed?). No telling why he is the way he is, but […]

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Wetter & Better

Date: 12/15/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: IceMan, Cat Daddy, Bluegrass, Abraham Conditions: Swampy, 60ish, light rain YHC tried to pump this one up by sending out a challenging/encouraging Group Me text the day before in hopes of rallying the troops so we could have good attendance. Well, that didn’t work. But we had quality. Man, […]

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The Magnificent Seven

Date: 12/1/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Vega, Iceman, Sniff, Bluegrass, Cat Daddy, Airball, Abraham Perfect conditions & a beautiful sunrise (God is such a showoff) greeted the Magnificent Seven who gathered in the gloom despite the fact that they already knew who was Qing the workout and what YHC was planning. But, in the immortal […]

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#Swampskeg at a Crossroads

Date: 10/23/18 Q.I.C.: Abraham The PAX: Airball, Bluegrass, Decaf, Sniff, Pusher, Hi-test, Fieri, Cold Call, Buttermaker, Ice Man, Hose, Lil’ Bit, Cat Daddy, Abraham Conditions: Pefect. About 50, low humidity, no wind Does YHC really deserve the “Angry Preacher” moniker? Isn’t he just a warm fuzzy fur ball that loves the world and everything in […]

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Who Brought the Ankle Weights?

Date: 9/22/18 Q.IC.: Abraham The PAX: Hose, Omaha, Iceman, Cat Daddy, Airball, Bluegrass, Abraham Conditions: Nice, but dewey (which actually mattered) YHC is old enough to remember when Chicago was an up and coming rock band making hits like Saturday in the Park. I wish they were still making hits. I’d commission them to write Saturday in […]

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